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Health Benefits


Individual or group coverage, personalized for your needs,

that provides comprehensive coverage at very competitive rates!  

We can access numerous health benefit providers to initiate a program tailored to your situation with a quick, straightforward, over-the-phone sign-up process.


Stop Paying For Your Health & Dental Expenses Out Of Your Own Pocket!

Certain business structures qualify for a unique alternative for covering you and your employees with health benefits, utilizing a flexible, budget-friendly 'pay as you go' Health Spending Account. No monthly premiums, no restrictions or exclusions for pre-existing conditions (so guaranteed coverage for all staff, regardless of health), and customizable to fit your company.

What Is A Health Spending Account?

  • it allows you to use your company's money to pay for you and your employee's personal health and dental expenses

  • it is a 100% tax-free benefit for you and your employees, and 100% tax deductible for your company



Is Your Business A Fit?

  • Do you operate a limited or incorporated business inside Canada (outside the province of Quebec)?

  • Do you want to have complete control over your costs?

  • Do you want to offer flexibility while empowering your employees to spend their healthcare dollars on what matters most to them and their families?

      If you said Yes to the questions above, this plan is a great fit for your business!

​​To discuss how we can personalize a plan that is right for you,
call 780-446-2426 or email
Interested in a preliminary quote online?
Click the 'Needs Analysis' button to submit your requirements. 
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