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Medical Exam Tips

Helping You Look Your Best for that Medical Snapshot

​Insurance companies request medical examinations to provide them with a snapshot of your current health condition.  This information is then used to determine your insurability.  It is in your best interest that this snapshot be as accurate as possible eliminating as many false abnormalities as possible.


Your cooperation will make the examination process more effective and create the most positive snapshot of your health for your application for insurance.

These tips can help you make sure the tests represent the best possible picture for the insurance company:

  • drink 8 ounces of water 1 hr before the exam

  • get a good night’s rest the night before the exam

  • refrain from exercise 12 -18 hrs before the exam

  • avoid consuming any form of alcohol for at least 12 hrs before the exam

  • fast for 2 -12 hrs before the blood profile

  • avoid caffeine, food or beverage (except water), for at least 2 hrs before the exam

  • do not smoke for at least 1 hr before the exam

  • have your prescription medication in the original prescription bottles or have a list of all medications with their name, dosage, and instructions on how to take them

  • reschedule the appointment if you are under extreme stress the day of the exam

  • write down and have available all significant illnesses, dates, names and addresses of MD’s, and treatments

  • write down any family history of cancer, heart attack, angina, bypass surgery, stroke, emphysema/chronic bronchitis, diabetes and any genetic diseases in your parents &/or siblings

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